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PNG Economics provides timely, accurate, frank and fearless analysis of PNG’s economy and business environment. This analysis is generally condemned by government and the author, Paul Flanagan, has been banned from the country for providing “the other side of the story”.

Coverage is also available through Facebook here (usually with less technical detail) or Twitter here. Key articles are available in Tokpisin. Resources are provided for students of PNG economics.

Such analysis helps answer vital questions facing businesses such as: “What are PNG’s economic opportunities and risks?”; “What strategies are appropriate for PNG’s changing times?” and “Would your business have benefitted from early warnings about exchange rate shortages or a government cash crisis?”. Those businesses which listened to earlier analysis stood to gain a competitive advantage and protect their shareholders and customers.

The analysis by the firm’s principal, Paul Flanagan, has been attacked by government, but it has proven to be prescient and accurate. PNG Economics operates this free public website which provides regular high level analysis and general information on PNG’s economy (www.pngeconomics.org). More in-depth analysis, including research for specific firms and a subscription based newsletter covering major economic developments developments such as the budget, is available on a paid basis. The firm also records PNG’s economic history – such as 4K future-proof interviews with business leaders. Contact can be made through admin@pngeconomics.org.

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Paul Flanagan
Indo-Pacific Public Policy and Economics




Timely, accurate, frank and fearless advice