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PNG Economics provides timely, accurate, frank and fearless analysis of PNG’s economy and business environment. This analysis is generally condemned by government and the author, Paul Flanagan, has been banned from the country for providing “the other side of the story”.

PNG is reportedly in the process of issuing a Sovereign Bond  of between USD500 to 1,000 million. This has generated considerable interest – three financial media contacts  called me in the first few hours the possibility hitting the screens. Possibly this is because they consider I have a deep economic knowledge of PNG extending over forty years (see “People” page for CV), that I can back up my often sanguine views with relevant facts and original analysis (see some still free posts), and that I’m free.

While not wanting to change the first two reasons, the hundreds of people on my confidential email distribution list (contact admin@pngeconomics.org to request an addition) know that I have been considering options for commercializing aspects of this website and my advice. Given potential interest in the Sovereign Bond from organisations with deeper pockets than PNG economic students over the next month, I have decided to password protect many of my recent posts. Some material, and certainly all analysis done more than 12 months ago, is still freely available.

I am preparing an analysis of the Sovereign Bond issue. Currently, I do not have access to the detailed issuance papers but will endeavor to obtain them. The analysis will probably provide a more sanguine view of the issues relevant  to potential investors.  If you are interested in purchasing a package of access to the Sovereign Bond analysis, access to the password protected articles, and up to an hours discussion on the economy, please contact admin@pngeconomics.org.

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Timely, accurate, frank and fearless advice