The key objective of PNG Economics is to improve well-being for the people of Papua New Guinea through exemplary public policy and economic analysis and influential communication techniques. Most of the material will be public information, with an emphasis on educational services.

PNG Economics will also operate a commercial side.

This has two major elements.

First, more details on specific blogs will be available on a paid subscription basis.  Contact for details.

Second, specific reports can be prepared for investors including banks, finance companies, insurance companies and due diligence firms.

Any subscriptions or specific requests for reports will be treated as strictly confidential. No names will be released – not even the number of clients or whether there have been any clients at all.

Please contact for additional information.

Additional research services include the following:

  1. Detailed sectoral analysis eg superannuation or agriculture options in the Asian Century;
  2. Detailed analysis of key budgetary statements (a more in-depth analysis beyond the public coverage of this site);
  3. Confidential, tailored analysis to meet the needs of a particular organisation; and
  4. Economic history services through recording 4K future-proof videos from commercial leaders that have helped shape PNG.

PNG Economics considers there is a reasonable level of descriptive material available on the PNG economy (although its accuracy is sometimes poor). There are other organisations that provide services more related to accountancy, taxation, business start-ups and general industry information.

PNG Economics would seek to complement these services. The market niche is a gap in quality material that analyses what is going on and likely future trends – and what this means for business in a practical way.

PNG Economics is part of a broader company, Indo-Pacific Public Policy and Economics Pty Ltd.

Timely, accurate, frank and fearless advice